Comparing and Contrasting Life in 2000 vs 1965

Life in the year 2000 is drastically different than life in 1965. In 2000, technological advancements were being made every single day, including the introduction of the smartphone, which revolutionized the way society communicates and lives. In 1965, the technology was much simpler. Technology was still relatively new and the internet had not yet been invented. People used landline telephones and television broadcasts for communication and entertainment. In 2000, computers were commonplace and the idea of “smart homes” was being explored. In 1965, computers were being used in private and government offices, but the average person had no access to them. In 2000, transportation was much easier, and public transportation was expanding to many different cities. In 1965, public transportation was not as developed and people relied on personal cars for transportation. Life in 2000 was more fast-paced than life in 1965. In 2000, people were encouraged to focus on their education and career goals. In 1965, education and career goals were still important, but life revolved more around enjoying the small moments.

In conclusion, life in 2000 was much different than life in 1965, with advances in communication, transportation, and technology. While life in 1965 was more leisurely and people took time to enjoy the little joys of life, life in 2000 was centred on work and prioritizing school and career goals. Overall, life in 2000 gave people more autonomy in terms of communication and transportation, making it easier to access the resources that they needed to be successful.

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