Comparing Apple AirTag vs Tile Pro

Apple AirTag and Tile Pro are two popular item-tracking devices that help you keep track of objects like keys, wallets, and various other small items. AirTag is Apple’s solution to item-tracking, while Tile Pro is the more established product from Tile.

Design: When it comes to design, AirTag is by far the more attractive device. The stainless steel shell looks great, and the circular shape is more aesthetically pleasing than Tile's square design. The Tile Pro is a bit bulkier and does not have a keychain loop for attaching it to items. It also requires a replaceable battery, whereas AirTags are designed to last up to a year on a single battery.

Tracking: Both the AirTag and Tile Pro offer reliable tracking. The Tile Pro has a longer range (400 feet line of sight), however, the Apple AirTag has a superior accuracy with its U1 chip and can be tracked via the Find My app.

Cost: Since Tile Pro has been around for years, it's a much more affordable option than AirTag. Tile Pros cost around $35 for a single device, while an AirTag will cost you $29 for one.

Overall, both the Apple AirTag and Tile Pro are great products and offer reliable item tracking. The AirTag is a bit pricier, but offers better design and accuracy with its U1 chip. The Tile Pro is a more affordable option, but lacks design appeal and has a lower accuracy. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and budget.

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