The modern age has seen a rise in the use of split unit heaters, and for good reason. These cleverly designed machines offer a range of benefits that have made them a mainstay in home and office heating systems. Here, we take a look at the key positives that have seen the popularity of split unit heaters soar.

1. Efficient and cost-effective

Split unit heaters are renowned for their energy efficiency. Unlike traditional central heating systems, split unit heaters are designed to only heat certain areas of the building – using less energy and cutting down the cost of monthly bills. The majority of split unit heaters are also incredibly good at maintaining heat – minimising wastage.

2. Low maintenance

Split unit heaters may require the regular changing of air filters. However, compared to other heating options such as boilers, their upkeep is comparatively minimal. With the correct maintenance schedule, split unit heaters can effectively provide years of efficient heating without excessively requiring costly repairs.

3. Versatility

Split unit heaters can provide a great deal of versatility when it comes to heating. Units can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit different sized spaces. They are a popular alternative to large, clunky radiators – which can often be unsightly. Split unit heaters can be installed in hidden places – discreetly pumping out heat while remaining out of sight.

4. Quick to warm-up and cool down

When split unit heaters are installed correctly, they can get to the desired room temperature in a matter of minutes – outperforming traditional heating methods. When the heat is no longer needed, the heater can be turned off in as little as five minutes, allowing you to save energy.

In summary, split unit heaters are gaining popularity for good reason. They offer a range of benefits, from being efficient and cost-effective to low-maintenance and quick to warm-up and cool down. Understanding the advantages of this type of heater is essential for anyone looking for an effective, long-term heating solution.

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