Are you planning your retirement for 2023? If so, you may be considering where is the best place to retire. With a variety of factors to consider, such as cost of living, taxes, crime, health care, accessibility to amenities and more, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Fortunately, AARP recently released its list of the best states to retire in 2023.

To determine the best states to retire, AARP takes a comprehensive approach by gathering and analyzing data, conducting interviews and surveying members. Its annual ranking of states considers both the quality of life for seniors and affordability based on energy costs, taxes, healthcare and more.

The 2023 ranking features a selection of states that could provide retirees with the best quality of life possible. North Dakota shares the title of best state for retirees this year. It has low taxes, low energy costs, plenty of recreational opportunities, booming job markets and easy access to healthcare.

Massachusetts comes in at a close second in the rankings due to its vibrant culture, high-quality healthcare facilities and robust economy. Other states that make AARP’s top ten include Washington, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, Wyoming and Iowa.

The consistent factor in AARP’s top ten states is the comprehensive and IPV variety of life amenities each has to offer retirees. From outdoor recreational opportunities to tax incentives, each of these states have something different and unique to match the specific needs and lifestyle of each retiree.

Whether you’re considering a sunny or cold climate, an urban or rural lifestyle, or an affordable or expensive area, you can find the ideal state to retire in 2023 from AARP’s best states to retire. As you weigh your decisions, be sure to consider the cost of living for each state, as well as the access to healthcare and other support services. These details can help you create the retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

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