As a digital marketer, it's important to understand the ins and outs of the email marketing industry. The language can be complicated and full of jargon that can be hard to keep up with. To simplify things, here is an email marketing terminology glossary to help you become an email marketing expert.

An email marketing tool that automates the process of sending emails to a list of subscribers on a predetermined schedule. Autoresponders are useful for sending newsletters, promotional offers, and other automated campaigns.

A list of email addresses or domains that have a history of sending unsolicited or malicious emails. Email service providers can add addresses to these lists in order to protect their customers from spam and other threats.

CTA (Call To Action):
An instruction or message used to prompt a desired action from a customer. Common CTAs include "click here," "sign up," and "buy now."

Double Opt-In:
A confirmation process which requires recipients to take two steps in order to sign up for an email list. The first step requires the person to submit their email address. The second step is a confirmation email that requires the person to click a link in order to confirm their subscription.

Email Campaign:
An email marketing effort, usually part of a larger campaign, designed to reach a specific goal. Common goals include growing a customer database, increasing conversions, or generating sales leads.

Landing Page:
A page in your website that serves as the entry point for an email campaign. This page usually includes a signup form and any other information your customer will need in order to take the desired action.

AExit Pop Up:
A software feature that triggers a message or form to appear when a customer clicks on a feature of a website. Exit pops are often used to encourage customers to take an action, such as signing up for an email list.

Open Rate:
The percentage of emails that are opened compared to the total number of emails sent. This is one of the primary indicators of email marketing success.

Subject Line:
The line of text included at the top of an email that is sent to subscribers. This line must be catchy and interesting in order to encourage users to open the email.

Spam Filter:
Software used by email service providers to scan and filter incoming messages for keywords or other indicators of spam.

Split Testing:
The practice of testing two different versions of an email in order to determine which performs better with customers.

The world of email marketing can be confusing and intimidating at times. With this email marketing terminology glossary, you can stay up to date on the latest industry terms and strategies to maximize your success.

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