If you’re someone who loves to hit the gym and break a sweat, you’re likely familiar with the range of clothing you need to be comfortable while exercising. Many gym-goers opt for just a t-shirt and shorts, but an increasingly popular option is wearing a pair of pants specifically designed for working out.

For starters, workout pants offer a level of comfort and flexibility that you just can’t get from regular clothing. They’re made with fabrics that are designed to move with you, allowing you to focus on your form without being hindered by clothing that simply doesn’t fit. Most workout pants also feature adjustable drawstrings and elastic waists, so you can customize the fit to your own body type.

Another benefit: breathability. Running, weight-lifting, and other gym activities can make you warm. Without the right clothing, this can become incredibly uncomfortable and make it difficult to focus on your workout. Good workout pants are designed to wick sweat away and keep air circulating around your body which helps to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Beyond the practical benefits, one of the biggest advantages of wearing workout pants is the sense of confidence they can give you. A good pair of workout pants fits your body well, gives you an air of professionalism in the gym, and—let’s be honest—makes you look good. Having the right gear can make you feel more motivated and even help give you an extra boost of energy for your workouts.

When it comes down to it, workout pants are an incredibly versatile and practical piece of gym apparel. They look good, feel comfortable, keep your body temperature regulated, and can even give you an extra confidence boost. So, if you haven’t added a pair to your collection of gym gear, now might be the right time.

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