With the rise of the digital age and all its associated trends, make up has increasingly come to be seen as a necessary tool for being perceived as successful and beautiful in today's society. From celebrities to everyday citizens, makeup is becoming an integral part of many people's beauty regimens. However, what some may not realise is that makeup can offer far more than just aesthetic benefits.

Firstly, makeup can be an excellent confidence booster. Whether it is a nice smoky eye or a red lip, subtle or bold makeup can quickly alter how a person views and feels about themselves. Makeup can create a new persona, empower people to be the person they want to be, and feel recognised and accepted as that person. In many scenarios, be it a business meeting, a date, or a job interview, wearing makeup can boost confidence and help a person feel more capable and at ease.

In addition, applying makeup can also be an excellent form of self care and relaxation. With routine makeup applications,care must be taken with each step. This kind of processing, coupled with the possibility to really express one's creativity and personality through colours and makeup looks, can be incredibly calming. Thinking about and selecting colours, and applying makeup to achieve a desired look can quickly become a pleasant distraction from the stresses of everyday life.

Finally, cosmetics can also be an empowering form of art. Through makeup, you can create art that you are wearing on your face. You can experiment with different looks, create fantasy makeup, or glam it up with glitter. It is safe to say that there is no end to the different possibilities that can be achieved.

In conclusion, there are multiple positive benefits that come with wearing make up. From increased confidence and emotional self care, to creative expression, there are many advantages to wearing makeup.

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