Westgate Resorts is a leading, award-winning vacation ownership and hospitality company with resorts located across the United States. The company has multiple benefits for its timeshare members including access to luxury accommodations, entertainment, and other amenities. In addition to providing extraordinary vacations, Westgate Resorts also has a variety of positive benefits that go beyond vacationing.

For starters, Westgate Resorts has a loyalty program that rewards guests with special discounts, exclusive packages, and more. Members can earn points with every stay and the more points they collect, the greater the reward. With these rewards, members can save their points for future vacations or purchase amenities, nearby attractions, and other activities.

Westgate Resorts also offers hospitality services and personalized experiences to its members. From destination management to concierge services, the resorts offer everything a guest needs for a perfect vacation. Guests can also choose to upgrade their amenities by purchasing the “Premier Experience” package, which provides exclusive access to higher-end amenities and privileges.

Westgate Resorts also provides a secure and reliable website, with all the information guests need in one place. It’s easy to reserve accommodations, view rates, check availability and check-in online. In addition, the website allows members to save their information securely so they can make a reservation with ease the next time they come to stay.

Finally, Westgate Resorts has great customer service and support. The company offers 24/7 customer service, allowing guests to get valuable assistance with any issue they may have. In addition, Westgate Resorts also has a team of travel counselors ready to help guests find the perfect package for their dream vacation.

Overall, Westgate Resorts has an array of positive benefits that allow guests to have a seamless and enjoyable vacation experience. From entertainment to secure reservations, Westgate Resorts offers its members unparalleled convenience and luxury.

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