Wisconsin Able is a program that was established to help individuals and families with disabilities in the US state of Wisconsin to live more independent lives. The program was developed to provide financial assistance to individuals with disabilities to help them achieve greater independence and improved quality of life. By providing financial assistance, the program enables people with disabilities to purchase goods and services necessary to improve their quality of life, such as medical and mobility equipment, medications, home improvements, transportation and recreational activities.

The Wisconsin Able program provides financial assistance for individuals and families with disabilities to help cover costs of care and everyday living expenses. It also assists family members who may not have the financial resources to cover the expenses of providing care to a loved one with disabilities. Wisconsin Able offers a variety of services to support individuals and families with disabilities, including:

• Specialized Benefits Planning: Professionals help individuals and families identify resources that may be available to them.

• Education and Training Opportunities: Program staff provide helpful information to ensure that individuals and families know their rights and can best use available resources to meet their needs.

• Financial Planning: Program staff can help families assess their financial situation and provide guidance to help families make the most of their limited resources.

• Reassessment Assistance: This provides individuals and families with an opportunity to update their application and receive any updates on programs or services they may be eligible for.

• Social Support: Professionals provide individuals and families with emotional, mental and physical support.

The benefits of the Wisconsin Able program are immense. It helps people with disabilities to have greater independence and improved quality of life, while ensuring that families of people with disabilities are able to provide the necessary care and support. It is a great step forward for the state of Wisconsin and for those individuals and families dealing with disabilities.

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