When it comes to the android gaming market, there is arguably no bigger blockbuster than the Spider-Man franchise. The superhero-filled adventures of Peter Parker have spread to smartphones as well as consoles and PCs, and there are a great range of Spider-Man games available to download onto your Android device.

But with games such as “Spider-Man Total Mayhem”, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man Unlimited” cluttering the Google Play store, which one do you choose? Here we present the best Spider-Man game for Android, along with some of its standout features.

The Best Spider-Man Game for Android: “Spider-Man: Ultimate Power”

Released in 2016 by gameloft, “Spider-Man: Ultimate Power” is a thrilling open world game that brings the adventures of Peter Parker to Android devices. It follows the titular superhero as he battles crime in a big city environment, using a range of fighting styles and awesome web-slinging techniques.

The game features plenty of missions to undertake, ranging from stopping robberies and rescuing civilians, to defeating the many and varied villains from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. What’s more, its impressive graphics and intuitive controls make it a visual feast for gamers to enjoy while they’re attempting to save the day.

The Benefits of Playing “Spider-Man: Ultimate Power”

“Spider-Man: Ultimate Power” is an exciting and intricate game that offers plenty of replay value. Here are some of the key benefits:

•A deep and compelling story line to keep players occupied for hours

•Realistic graphics and sound

•Intuitive touch-based controls

•A huge range of missions to complete

•A wide selection of villains and bosses

•Regular updates with new content

•Co-op multiplayer mode


If you’re a fan of the Spider-Man franchise and you’re looking for a great game to play on your Android device, then “Spider-Man: Ultimate Power” is the perfect choice. Boasting an immersive story, great visuals and plenty of content, it’s a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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