If you’ve ever dipped your foot into a murky lake and felt its mucky consistency, you’ll appreciate the importance of water filtration. As we’ve all come to learn, water can contain contaminants and pollutants, which is why some people are turning to filtered water sources.

The average shower head disperses up to 2.5 gallons of water a minute and with its 40 to 60 psi pressure, that’s a lot of tap water. To help ensure your family only receives clean and filtered water, you may want to consider investing in a shower water filter.

These specialized filters invest with water-softening components that can strip your water of harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and chlorine. Other contaminants, such as sulfur, calcium, carbon, as well as hydrocarbons, can also be eliminated or reduced with the filtration process.

In addition, by installing a water-softening filter in your shower, you can also look forward to a softer feeling to your skin and hair. This is because chlorine, in addition to being a dangerous component found in many water systems, also strips the body of its natural oils creating a feeling of dryness. By filtering

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