As Small SUVs become increasingly popular with drivers, one of the biggest attractions is their size as opposed to larger SUVs and crossovers. Small SUVs offer a number of advantages, from the financial aspect to the convenience of having a smaller vehicle. Here are a few positive benefits of opting for a small SUV.

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of choosing a small SUV is that it usually costs less than a larger SUV or crossover and delivers about the same features. Although you're likely to spend more on a larger vehicle that has similar features, the savings of choosing a smaller vehicle can be substantial.

Fuel Efficiency
Small SUVs have the benefit of being typically more fuel-efficient than other larger SUVs, due in part to their size and lighter weight. Additionally, many mid-size and compact SUVs use a 4-cylinder engine, whereas some larger SUVs use a V6. The smaller engine size translates into lower fuel costs over time.

More Maneuverability
When driving in traffic or through tight spaces, the smaller size of a small SUV provides an advantage when maneuvering. Smaller SUVs take up less space on the highway, making for an easier

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