In recent years, the use of interior solar shades has become increasingly popular in homes and businesses everywhere. Combining fashion and function, interior solar shades are a great way to add a touch of style and ambiance to any room while keeping a space not only comfortable but energy efficient.

Interior solar shades are designed to filter the sun’s heat and glare before the window glass receives it. By applying a layer of insulation, the heat and glare are blocked out, keeping the rooms inside cooler. Since the windows are also covered from the outside, interior solar shades offer increased protection from UV rays which can damage furniture and flooring.

These shades are made using a combination of fabric and an airtight seal. This seal helps maintain the temperature inside the windows while providing a sound barrier, which helps keep noise contamination at bay. As an added bonus, the seal also provides enhanced privacy.

Interior solar shades also allow for better energy efficiency. By blocking UV rays, utilizing insulation, and reducing solar heat gain, interior solar shades reduce the need to run air conditioning or heat in the summer or winter months. This can translate into considerable energy savings for homeowners and businesses.

When choosing a design or style for

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