It is important for Americans to take advantage of the health insurance options that are available to them. Health insurance can provide protection from many financial burdens, including the potential costs of medical care. Here are the positive benefits of applying for and maintaining health insurance coverage:

1. Improved Access to Medical Care: Having health insurance gives patients access to medical care without any financial burden. Without health insurance, a patient may be denied access to medical care because they are unable to afford it.

2. Protection from High Risks: Health insurance is designed to help protect patients from the financial burden of costly and unexpected medical procedures, such as an emergency surgery or a potentially expensive prescribed medication.

3. Improved Mental Health: Having health insurance may also improve a patient's mental health. Without the stress of attempting to provide for medical expenses on one's own, a patient is able to remain focused on their overall well-being and put more emphasis on lifestyle and preventive care.

4. Preventive care: Health insurance provides coverage for preventive care services. This includes annual physicals, screenings for diseases and other preventative procedures. This type of care can help detect and potentially prevent diseases before they become more serious.


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