When we think of mattress toppers, we usually think of an additional layer of comfort added on top of an existing mattress. The best foam mattress topper has long been the go-to choice for adding that extra layer of comfort. But did you know that a foam mattress topper can also provide real, tangible health benefits too?

The best foam mattress topper is not only comfortable but also protects your mattress from wear and tear. It can help prevent the sinking or sagging that happens in typical mattresses over time. The extra layer helps even out the surface of the mattress, making it more comfortable and supportive for those with allergies or sensitivities to allergens and dust. This helps to promote better airflow and ventilation and can help reduce the occurrence of dust mites in the mattress—a major trigger for allergens.

In addition, foam mattress toppers can help to reduce pressure points in the body when you sleep. By softening and cushioning your body, it can provide relief from back and neck pain that can be caused by a traditional mattress. The foam also adds the perfect amount of support for a restful night of sleep.

Finally, a foam mattress topper can also be beneficial to those

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