Woman Secretly Records Her Surgery And Catches The Doctors Insulting Her

Anyone who works in the medical profession has a duty of care to their patients. When we are sick, we are at our most vulnerable and we rely on the help of doctors, nurses, and carers to get back to our normal selves. However, some people grossly abuse this position of trust.

This is something which a woman named Ethel Easter learned when she made the decision to secretly record her own surgery.

While recording your own surgery is something which most people would not consider, the Texas native had her reasons. Prior to the operation, she’d had an unpleasant confrontation with her doctor when he told her that it would be months before he could operate on her.

She told Fox26 that she had said she couldn’t wait that long for the procedure to have her hernia fixed because she was in so much pain. To which, the doctor abruptly replied, “Who do you think you are? You have to wait just like everybody else.”

As a result, Easter decided to conceal a recording device in her hair during the surgery. She recounted her reasoning and what it led to in a Facebook post. Shockingly, the surgeon decided to make a number of horrifying remarks about her during the procedure itself:

“Been getting some inbox messages about my incident with the doctors.

Just to let you know I had a surgery last year and after the doctor treated me poorly (but I was in emergency need of the surgery) I decided to tape my surgery. I found out after having [an] allergic reaction after my surgery, I was given a medication I was allergic to.

After listening to the tape, I discovered this doctor and his staff made some bad remarks. God is good and I am still here, but I caution everyone that this is what is going on as we lie down naked on a table with our life in their hands, but God has the final say.”

The remarks in question involved offensive comments about Easter’s body and many of them were “racially charged”. She shared her story with the world in the hope that it would warn unscrupulous medical professionals not to do the same thing.

“She’s a handful. She had some choice words for us in the clinic when we didn’t book her case in two weeks,” the surgeon said to his colleagues.

He then informed his colleagues that Easter had threatened him with a lawyer if he did not schedule her operation in a timely manner.

“That doesn’t seem like the thing to say to the person who’s going to do your surgery,” a man remarks.

“Did you see her belly button?” a woman asks, before everyone else in the room begins to laugh at Easter.

Check out the video below to hear the shocking comments the surgeons made about her:

Obviously, body shaming is never acceptable in any context, but what made the surgeons’ actions all the more shocking was that they were meant to be helping Easter. The fact that their conversation was so lewd also suggests that they weren’t concentrating on the task at hand, which could potentially explain why Easter was given a medication that she was allergic to during the procedure.

“It was ‘Precious’, ‘Meet Precious’ – as though I was this big, fat, black woman,” Easter told Fox26.

She also revealed that some of those in the room called her a “queen” and said that they pitied her husband.

Despite being in a seemingly strong decision to sue those who operated on her, Easter decided against it, opting to simply share her story.

Easter told Yahoo!, “When you are lying there and these people have you uncovered and you trust them and they speak like this, it’s a bad situation. It’s given me self-esteem issues.”

While there is no doubt that what happened to Easter was shocking, Russian nurses recently proved that medics can stoop even lower than those who operated on Easter when they decided to take a number of selfies next to dying patients.

Pictured below is nurse Anna Kim who not only had the audacity to have the pictures taken but post them on social media.

Not only did she post the shocking images, she also claimed that doctors in her hospital in Sakhalin “only help people they want to help.”

“If they don’t want to help, you are doomed,” she said.

“They don’t give a ****. Patients may have extremely low blood pressure, and doctors don’t use defibrillators .”

Kim lost her job as a result of posting the image of her posing next to a dying patient.

Pictured above is a different nurse Gulnaz Yalalova, then 20, holding a removed spleen. She also lost her job on the grounds of “immaturity”, showing that this is part of a disturbing trend in Russia.

Two nurses in Alexandrov were also photographed throwing hoops on a patient’s leg.

The pair, Tatiana Katayeva and Marina Shibanova, defended their actions saying, “It was all for a joke so that our profession doesn’t look so sad.”

“We work in intensive care… we wanted to show that medical personnel haven’t lost their sense of humor and that they can behave like humans.”

Shockingly, neither women lost their jobs as a result of the incident.

We, however, hope that Easter’s story coupled with these pictures serves as a warning to any unscrupulous medical professionals that they are being watched and that they could face serious repercussions for their actions.

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