6 Things Women Do to Grab a Man’s Attention

hile men and women are both equally capable of making themselves appear desirable to the opposite or the same gender, there are certain things; heterosexual women like to try out to grab a guy’s attention. As stereotypical as they seem, trust me, these methods often do their magic whether it’s about a woman getting the man she likes or a woman getting what she wants in a relationship. Let’s be honest guys; you do get lured into their traps, don’t you? So here’s an insight into what runs in a woman’s mind when she’s trying to get your attention. So, sit down. Take notes and get comfy. It might help you score that girl you like or strengthen your relationship with your girl.

Hard to Get

Although most girls don’t employ this method, if they do it’s pretty scary, okay! The casual conversation might turn into talks of movie nights with her ex(es) or all the romantic dates she had at fancy restaurants. For guys in relationships, your girl’s telling you you’re doing something wrong. And trust me, this is the nicest way to say it. Don’t get too pissed about it though; it wouldn’t work out very well, that way. Just laugh along and show her how you’re so much better than her ex(es). For guys trying to score a girl, well, this might be a way of your crush trying to tell you all that she expects of you. So be sure to be equipped with a note pad and a pen when she starts talking about her ex(es).

The independence card

Most guys like their partners to be dependent on them, because hey, patriarchy so why not! But if your girl is going out of her way, doing things she usually doesn’t do on her own, well, this could either be a sign that you need to give her more time and attention, or she might just be exploring herself and the world. So, this makes it one of the trickiest things to decipher. Is your girl just trying something new, is she trying to be more self-sufficient or does she need more of your time? Only smart guys will get this, honestly.

Men, Men, MEN!

If you ever found yourself that thick headed, you will once you find out the meaning of subtlety to womenfolk. Let’s face it; guys pretty much crave for women to send a hint towards them every once in awhile (read all the time), to keep them on the fish hook if they’re still interested. But women being the emotionally miserly creatures that they decide to send a double meaning, torturous hints that are. If taken to mean as innocent flirtations, you’ll overshoot and end up looking like a fool. If you brush it off as meaning something else, you’ll be the narcissistic jackass to her for the rest of your life. It is certainly the great game. Hence, if she keeps saying that there is a great new movie, put two and two together and realize she wants to see it with you. Tough life!

Human manifestation of bumping carts

So you know this girl who loses all motor functions when she close to you and keeps incessantly bumping into you. Despite the gravest of internal processes in your Byzantine labyrinth of thoughts, doubts, and curiosity, you can not remotely muster how she comes to crash into you every time you both are strangely close. Well, the answer lies pretty much in bumping implications. She wants to talk to you, bub. So strike up a conversation with her, or better yet bump back into her and pass a smile. Seldom does a guy get lucky enough for a girl to make the first significant move? Word to the wise though, that make sure you’re certain into you first. Nothing is more embarrassing than being an accidental creep or being beaten up by her real guy. Boo!

Shambles from nervousness

Ever notice when a girl changes around you? A tomboy starts wearing red lipstick and doing her hair, or any other kind of girl biting her lips and playing with her hair? Congratulations, you have now accessed into her most pliable biological weakness; the fact that she is so into you that even her body can’t help but drop signs that she is nervous enough to drop her facade subconsciously. Take the hint, guys and get what’s bound to be yours. After all, her body has already done the job to make you one lucky man.

Cafe di more

If there’s a baker in your realm, it is true love. It is a fallacy that girls love baking. Perhaps a bastardization of sorts. But the truth is that girls love baking, for that special someone. It takes a monumental effort and elephantine interest of a guy to ever bake for them. So quite naturally, you should acknowledge the fact and come terms with the reality that she is definitely into you if she bakes for you on the regular. Munch on those cinnamon rolls with her in your arms the next time she comes over with that batch. Win-win-win, honestly.

Dr. Takemeout

Ever talk to this one girl and feel like you’re suddenly opening up to her about your whole life like she is your therapist? It turns out that if she is digging up all she can about your life, her excavation only reveals her deep interest in you. So tell her more and her her a lot back. Nothing is cuter than 12-hour sesh’s when you do nothing more than talk about your entire life with each other and at the end simply smile as you bask in the realization that having known all about them, you want nothing more than to find out how you both spend the rest of your life together. Beautiful.

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