15 Innocent Pictures That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

1- Relax! Those Are Just Heels. ( What did You Think?)

2- Don’t Be Nuts. His Hand Is On His Other Side. ( That’s something else..!)

3- Look Closely Again..!!

In case you are still wondering – that is man’s hand.

4- Learn to Differentiate – Between Hand & Hip.

5- Okay! The Man Chose The Wrong Place. ( Or Is It A Woman?)

6- It’s Cameraman’s Fault. Don’t Be Judgy. (Try The Side View.)

7- Ever Seen A Candle Stand? Candles On Singing Dolls?

8- God! No! She Is Just Holding A Little Puppy. ( People are instructed to use brains along with their eyes)

9- Consider Looking It As An Open Book. Oh! Why What Did You See ?

10 – You Are Gonna Have To Read It Just Twice. ( More Times If You Have A Really Really Dirty Mind)

Their Pen Is Broken.

11- Clearly He Ignored Viewer’s Point Of View. (LMFAO, his hand gestures)

12 – Probably Due To Blowing Wind. (Or maybe they are celebrating too ! Who knows !)

13- What A Beautiful Palm Tree. ( Oh! )

14- The Fact That This Is A Cactus Worsened It. ( Scroll down people, scroll down)

15- That Is Just A Bicycle Seat.

So, were you tricked by these innocent pictures? Or were you too smart for them? Do let us know. And also which one was your favorite? , Which one fooled you the most.

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