15 Hilarious Times People Wore The Right T-Shirts At The Right Time

Dressing for the occasion can be really difficult at times. With so many styles to choose from, from casual to black tie, the art of matching your outfit to suit the situation you find yourself in is an art in itself. These people though, whether they meant it or not (usually not), took dressing for the occasion to the next level. Novelty T-shirts can be amusing at times, a chance to show off the wearer’s unique humor. When they come together with a funny situation at just the right time…

#1 Love Having My Fans Support!! This Little Guy Was Pretty Surprised When He Turned Around

#2 I Have Had This Shirt For Two Years, Always Wondered Why The Sleeves Were Black. Then I Met This Man At My College

#3 I’m At The Hospital And I See This Kid And Burst Out Laughing! Had To Take His Pic Which Made All The Other People In The Waiting Room Including His Mom Crack-Up

#4 Right Place, Right Time. We All Know That Guy Who Had To One Up Everyone

#5 4 Strangers Same Outfit

#6 My Cousin Met A Victoria’s Secret Model At The Airport. Perfect Day To Be Wearing That Shirt

#7 Shirt. I Guess The T-Shirt Worked

#8 Chance Encounter. Urban Camouflage Of Milwaukee

#9 Appropriate Shirt

#10 Lick It Up. One Of My Friends Was Walking In Tel Aviv With His Basic Instinct T-Shirt When

#11 Mi Hermano De Pollo! – Walking Through Philadelphia I See This Guy And Tell Him, “Hey Man, Nice Shirt.” He Responds, “Nice Shorts.” Heads Exploded

#12 My Friend Went To Disneyland Wearing The Wrong Shirt

#13: Had A School Lockdown Because, Of A Bomb Threat, This Guy Wore Either The Best Or The Worst Shirt

#14: Coincidence?

#15 I Dropped Egg On My Shirt This Morning

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