12 Secret Things Every Girl Is Guilty Of Doing During Her Period.

ABSOLUTE HELL! Though that isn’t a universal expression, but most women find periods to be the bane of their lives. A period of 7 to 8 days filled with awkwardness and being uncomfortable- sums up the monthly hell. And the icing on the cake is that girls have done things on their period that would label them as crazy wackos if anyone ever knew, so they are pretty much a hush-hush secret.

And here is the top-secret- 12 weird activities every girl is guilty of doing on their period:

1, Every time you stand up, your paranoia kicks in

…and you try to be discrete while trying to decipher whether the red splotch on the quilt is your ‘creation.’

2. Because you had certainly felt blood move towards your butt centre, all the while internally yelling at the pad to soak it up.

You had one job pad!

3. Also, the sweaty butt of yours doesn’t make the dilemma any easier.

Am I leaking?! *heart rate rises*

4. So you end up checking each and every spot you butt touched. Period and keeping something like this secret? Whew!


5. But you still have doubts, so you try to check out for possible leaks yourself. And start looking like a dog trying to chase its tail.

But all in vain, you, willingly, ask someone to check you out.

6. Going to the bathroom in the morning is one Herculean task of shuffling awkwardly while trying to hold onto a flooded pad.

Emergency! Clear the path.

7. Arranging your clothes in a specified pattern- everything black from the waist down!

Playing matching games takes a back seat. That lavender top you swore to wear only with the white trousers? Guess who just made lavender and black best buddies?

When in times of emergency, you end up stuffing a wad of toilet paper down there.
No matter how many times that have already happened, remembering to keep a spare pad is a battle you’ve already lost.

9. And at times when you DID remember, smuggling the little white fella to the bathroom made you pray like never before.

Please don’t anyone stop with my pad stuck up my sleeves!

10. Felt that traitor of a pad shift adopt lopsided angle and tried to subtly arrange it.

But looked like as if you were trying to accomplish in killing a rather annoying itch.

11. Subtly crossed your legs to thwart the bloody monster, but as soon as you stand up? “DAMN IT!!”

Looks like the Force chooses to be with your periods.

12. Being both horrified and weirdly impressed with the bloody battlefield the toilet ends up looking after you are done with it.

Carrie would be so proud!

So, how well did you relate to the above points of pure and absolute trauma? Is there secret during a period we failed to add?

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