12 Couples Who Lost Their Dignity And Did It In Public.

Some couples hold hands and demonstrate their affection for each other and it’s really sweet to watch them. But every once in awhile, a couple comes into the picture, kissing each other, and then before long it’s turns into a heavy make-out session. It’s uncomfortable for those around them. Sometimes you start to wonder if they even realize how absurd they look. Take a lot at these people who have gone way too far and be sure you never do this.

#1. That’s what friends are for.

You know you have true friends when they do this for you.

#2. Too much PDA

Mouth is a little too open.

#3. Subway train is good of a place as any…. NOT.

Because who cares?

#4. Because she can.

And she wants to.

#5. “Let me cop a feel.”

It’s not like there are that many people around or anything.

#6. Horny is horny.

Why should he stop for other people?

#7. Surprise butt-check.

Just in case it changed size from a few minutes ago.

#8. A little teaser while we get home.

A real subtle one, too.

#9. Making sure they’re still nice and full.

Yep. They’re good.

#10. Umm… Awkward much?

Looks like a Starbucks. No wonder kids love this place.

#11. Teenagers… Pfft.

Get a room!

#12. You want to see, babe?

A public park is the place for public affection, after all.

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